Laboratory Space

From 2009 to 2016 (Stations 1 to 9), the Laboratoire offered multiple approaches to the space as a potential extension of the eye, brain, and body. It was mainly the mechanisms of perception that were studied, whether it be spatialisation, immersion, loss of bearings, or modified states of consciousness. Redefinitions of our relationship to space and sensitive conditions for experiencing the world were thereby identified.

As of Station (1)0 in October 2016, the Laboratoire launched a new cycle of research entitled “Towards a Cosmomorphic World” in order to envisage human and non-human interrelations with the environment, in a context of profound biological, geological, and climatic upheaval, and updated scientific research. The field of exploration thus extends to the organic connections between living creatures and their porosity with a milieu, in order to comprehend a new mode of coexistence. The dualistic principles of the Western approach separating human being from nature, opposing matter and spirit, innate and acquired, thus gives way to a cosmological model, a vision of the world that is no longer anthropomorphic, but cosmomorphic.

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Documented selection

Marina Abramovic & Ulay
Dove Allouche
Maria Thereza Alves
Isabelle Andriessen
Giovanni Anselmo
Saul Bass
Bernard Bazile
Larry Bell
Berdaguer & Péjus
Michel Blazy
Katinka Bock
Nina Canell
Yann Chateigné
Gianni Colombo
Leone Contini
José Corti
Carlos Cruz-Diez
Philippe Decreuzat
Walter De Maria
Agnes Denes
Julien Discrit
Liu Dan
Hubert Duprat
Éric Duvivier
Jason Dodge
Damien Faure

Robert Filliou
Lucio Fontana
FRAME (Alys Demeure, Jérôme Grivel, Héloïse Lauraire, Sandra Lorenzi, Stéphanie Raimondi)
Michel François
Masanobu Fukuoka
Jef Geys
Célia Gondol
Lola González
João Maria Gusmao et Pedro Paiva
Dan Graham
Laurent Grasso
Brion Gysin
Raymond Hains et Jacques Villeglé
Hicham Berrada
Carsten Höller
Pierre Huyghe
Robert Irwin
Ann Veronica Jenssens
Joan Jonas
Toba Khedoori
Johachim Koester
Tetsumi Kudo
Maria Laet
Maria Lai
La Monte Young

Vincent Lamouroux
Guillaume Leblon
Barbara & Michael Leisgen
James Lee Byars
Julio Le Parc
Maria Loboda
Richard Long
Rita McBride
Anthony McCall
Robin Meier & Ali Momeni
Ana Mendieta
Lee Mingwei
Dane Mitchell
Nicolas Momein
François Morellet
Robert Morris
Matt Mullican
Teresa Murak
Ernesto Neto
Pedro Neves Marques
Kate Newby
Otobong Nkanga
Hélio Oiticica
Claudio Parmiggiani
Philippe Parreno
Giuseppe Penone
Pratchaya Phinthong

Sarah del Pino
Adrian Piper
Abraham Poincheval
Evariste Richer
Linda Sanchez
Tomás Saraceno
Pierre Schaeffer
Nicolas Schöffer
Karl Sims
Robert Smithson
Paul Sharits
Michihiro Shimabuku
Kazuo Shiraga
Vahan Soghomonian
Daniel Steegmann Mangrané
Charwei Tsai
James Turrell
Günther Uecker
Maarten Vanden Eynde
Mona Vatamanu & Florin Tudor
Richard Venlet
Douglas Wheeler
James Whitney
Thomas Wilfred
Anicka Yi
Mengzhi Zheng

Works on display


Kate Newby, Wild Was the Night, 2019


Ann Veronica Janssens, Untitled (Prism), 2013

Tony Di Napoli, Lithophones, 2016
Sound performance on Thursday, October 6, 2016, as part of the launch of the cycle Towards a cosmomorphic world

Pedro Neves Marques, YWY, a androide [YWY, the Android] (Film still), 2017
4K video converted to HD video, color, sound. Work under study, Station 15, Making flesh, How to change paradigm in entangled worlds?, Saturday, July 6, 2019 in frac Île-de-France - Castle, Rentilly


Kate Newby, Wild Was the Night, 2019
OTIUM #4 exhibition from May 29 to August 11, 2019


Ann Veronica Janssens, Untitled (Prism), 2013
Crystal prism integrated into the double glazed window, Room 8, IAC Exhibition Ann Veronica Janssens: march, 24 March to 7 May 2017


Matt Mullican, The IAC Mural, 15 june 2010, 2010
Wall painting, 9 x 15 m, IAC garden


4 Documentary Films

In association with

Arte Distribution

Blob, a genius without a brain, 2019

Director: Jacques Mitsch; Hauteville Productions. (To be published)
Here comes the Blob! More commonly known as slime-mold, this extraordinary one-billion-year-old organism challenges our worldview on living matter and is about to revolutionize the concept of brainless intelligence.

→ The Key To Consciousness, A Journey Into The Stuff Of Thoughts, 2016

Director: Cécile Denjean; Production Scientifilms, Arte France.
What is consciousness? Where do our thoughts come from? What are the connections between mind and matter? Even today, no one knows the answers. Human consciousness - the small inner voice that says "I", through which we apprehend the world, is one of the greatest mysteries in contemporary science.

Mind in motion, 2008

Director: Philippe Baylaucq; Production Arte France.
Our exploration will lead us into the depths of the brain and to the very sources of consciousness, for a fascinating glimpse into the process of thought.

  Surveying The Spring: Scientists Interpreting Nature, 2012

Director: François-Xavier Vives; Production Arte France; Camera Lucida Productions.
What actually is a season, for example?
We have been to the moon, and are exploring the outer reaches of our universe, but what do we really know about our immediate environment?



Podcast radio programs (French audio version)

In association with

France Culture

With Bernie Krause, bioacoustician, Catherine Larrère, philosopher, David Mouillot, ecologist, specialist in marine ecology, François Sarrazin, ecologist, scientific director of the Foundation for Biodiversity Research (FRB), Gilles Boeuf, ecologist, former president of the Muséum national d'histoire naturelle (MNHN), Gilbert Cochet, naturalist, president of the Scientific Council of the Gorges de l'Ardèche, Philippe Descola, anthropologist, Vincent Devictor, ecologist, epistemologist, Vincent Bretagnolle, ecologist, agronomist, director of the Centre d'Etudes Biologiques de Chizé (CEBC). A series of Tao Favre, directed by Gaël Gillon. With the collaboration of Annelise Signoret. Broadcast on January 7, 2019.

With Alexandre Genin, ecologist, Catherine Larrère, philosopher, Charles Hervé-Gruyer, farmer, Dominique Bourg, philosopher, Marc-André Selosse, microbiologist, Sonia Kefi, ecologist, ecologist, epistemologist, Vincent Devictor and Vincent Bretagnolle, ecologist, agronomist, director of the Centre d'Etudes Biologiques de Chizé (CEBC). A series of Tao Favre, directed by Gaël Gillon. With the collaboration of Annelise Signoret. Broadcast on January 8, 2019.

With Alessandro Pignocchi, intermittent zadist, John Jordan, zadist, Muriel Fifils, founder and director of Caminando Primary School, Philippe Descola, anthropologist, Thierry Geffray, farmer and Virginie Maris, researcher in environmental philosophy. A series of Tao Favre, directed by Gaël Gillon. With the collaboration of Annelise Signoret. Broadcast on January 10, 2019.

→ The Scientific Conversation by Étienne Klein
How to deal with the "non-human" world?

With Philippe Descola, anthropologist, professor at the Collège de France (Chair of Anthropology of Nature) and director of the Laboratory of Social Anthropology (LAS). Broadcast on January 3, 2015.