From stage 1(0) on, the Lab initiates a new cycle, widening the scope of its research field in such a way as to include the organic bonds that connect man with cosmos. Issues raised by the Anthropocena are indeed a strong incentive for man to acknowledge its relative position within the life chain. The dramatic, now unquestionable, shifts in biology, geology and climate, combined with the outcome of recent scientific studies, all point to the necessity of reconstructing a human, and a non-human, world. This growing awareness induces fundamental changes in our relationship to the world: the dual principles behind the Western approach –which consists in tearing man apart from nature, and opposing matter and mind–, give way to a cosmologic pattern, a vision of the world that is no longer anthropomorphic but “cosmomorphic”. (...)


Michel Blazy, Voyage au centre, 2002-2003.
Courtesy Galerie Art : Concept.




The Laboratory Space Brain from 2009 to 2019


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